What we do

We blend art and business to push the boundaries and create design that remains timeless.

Brand Identity

We understand that a brand is about so much more than its logo. It is about the experience it delivers, and how it expresses itself verbally and visually. We build the foundations of your brand: authentic to who you are, relevant to your customers, and different from your competitors.

Web & Digital Design

We build user-friendly websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also UX optimised for an intuitive and enjoyable user journey. We also provide various services that will enhance your presence online.

Print Design

Effective marketing campaigns embrace all mediums. No matter how much digital might appear to dominate our lives, paper is still indispensable for most brands.

Illustration & Photography

A brand is only as good as the content it is making. Simple Graphics partners with excellent professionals to offer top-tier illustration and photography services.

Our process

The foundation of our process lies in the simplicity. Our main goal is to translate the complexity of the project into a simple and effective design.


We start by building a deep understanding of your project, competitors and audience. By taking the time to discover them, we uncover ideas that are worth it.


The best performing brands stand for something simple. With simplicity as a guiding principle, we create clarity of purpose whilst remaining true to the brand values and goals.


We believe great design comes alive with intuition. By blending insight and creative expression, we craft purposeful, and unforgettable brand identities, campaigns and experiences.


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